Our Mission

The mission of the Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians (AVNT) is to advance the area of and promote excellence in the discipline of veterinary nutrition. The AVNT provides a process by which veterinary technicians may become certified as a Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) in the field of nutrition thereby increasing the competence of those practicing in the field of veterinary nutrition.  The AVNT mission is to enhance the skills and knowledge of veterinary nutrition technicians and promote technicians as integral members of the veterinary nutrition team.


a. Promote advancement and high standards of practice for those accredited veterinary technicians involved in veterinary nutrition.
b. Establish education and experience prerequisites leading to certification in the veterinary technician specialty of nutrition.
c. Examine and certify veterinary technicians as specialized team members in veterinary nutrition.
d. Encourage research and other contributions to knowledge relating to nutrition.
e. Promote continuing education and dissemination of knowledge relating to veterinary nutrition.

AVNT Members:

  1. Kara Burns, MS, Med, LVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  2. Ann Wortinger, BIS, LVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM, Nutrition)
  3. Vicky Ograin, MBA, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  4. Charlotte Higgins, AS, CVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  5. Jackie Erb, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  6. Tamberlyn Moyers, LVMT, VTS (Nutrition)
  7. Ed Carlson, CVT, VTS (Nutrition) 
  8. Shoshana Verton- Shaw, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  9. Nicola Lakeman, BSc(Hons) RVN Cert SAN Cert ECC A1 V1 C-SQP HonsMBVNA, VTS (Nutrition)
  10. Kelly Gredner, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  11. Victoria L. Kerby, LVT, VTS (SAIM, Nutrition)
  12. Jessica Nelson, A.A.S., CVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  13. Ashley Cox, BS, LVMT, VTS (Nutrition) 
  14. Mallory White, LVT, VTS (ECC, Nutrition)
  15. Emily Robinson, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  16. Brianne Morrow, LVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  17. Tiffany Barraza, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  18. Cassie Panning, BS, CVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  19. Robin Saar, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  20. Georgiana Woods, RVN, VTS (Nutrition)
  21. Victoria Koks, BgenStud (Sec Ed), CVN, AVN, VTS (Nutrition)
  22. Kim Healy, RVN, AVN, VTS (Nutrition)
  23. Brittney Lechner B.S, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  24. Amanda Watry, CVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  25. Samantha Kowalski, CVT, VTS (E/CC, SAIM, Nutrition)
  26. Kimberly Wilson, CVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  27. Ashley Clark, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  28. Jessica Joosse, BAnVetBioSci, RVN, AVN, VTS (Nutrition)
  29. Becky Hunt, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)
  30. Stephanie Clark, PhD, CVT, PAS, CFS, Dpl. ACAS-N, VTS (Nutrition)

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