AVNT Membership

A VTS (Nutrition) should encompass the ability, knowledge, skillset, and education required to efficiently and effectively assist a veterinarian and/or veterinary nutritionist and be able to competently provide the support required to carry out any prescribed orders regarding the nutritional care, treatment, management, and monitoring of healthy and ill veterinary patients. Additionally, the VTS (Nutrition) should have knowledge and skill relating to anatomy and physiology of disease conditions and healthy pets at any life stage.


$55.00-The dues for members of the Academy shall be established by the Regents and reviewed as needed. Dues become payable on January 1st of each calendar year. Dues are delinquent April 1st and if not paid by June 1st active membership in the Academy will be terminated, but only after notification of members in question by registered mail, return receipt requested.

Reactivation of Membership

Reactivation of membership may be completed by petition through the Secretary with payment of all delinquent dues plus fifty percent (50%).

Exam Application Fee

The Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians certifying examination fee will be set by the Regents annually for all eligible candidates qualifying for the examination each year. Application fee $50.00 due October 1 with the application. If the application is accepted the exam fee is $200.00. Fees will not be refunded.

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